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Rug Repair & Restoration Service

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Rug Repair & Restoration Service

Our skilled workers can carry out any type of repair ranging from re-fringing to complete restoration on an area where a whole section of the rug needs re-building.

Most repairs are carried out by our skilled weavers.  Rugs need to be cleaned prior to repairs taking place so that the colours of the replacement wool or silk can be correctly matched.

Even if your dog has chewed the corner off....

Does your rug have curled edges or corners..?

Many rugs have a tendency to curl at the edges due to there being too much tension in the foundation strings. This is usually because the tension was not adjusted sufficiently in certain areas when the rug was being made. A thick pile rug which is very tightly woven will be more susceptible to curling. Flat weave rugs with no pile can also curl although this is usually due to water coming into contact with the rug. In this case the wool can shrink unevenly causing the rug to curl. We are able to improve this with a process called ‘blocking and sizing’.

We can use a system of stretching and pinning the rug onto a wooden platform. The rug must be wet while this is carried out.  
Once the rug is dry we remove the pins. The rug now lies perfectly flat. This sometimes has to be repeated more than once to achieve a flat finish.

Whatever the damage, we can correct it...

  • Worn fringes
  • Torn areas
  • Damaged selvage
  • Curled corners
  • Plant pot damage
  • Moth damage

Call us for free advice or a quotation to restore your woven treasure to its former glory.