Immaculate Cleaning offers cleaning services of all carpets, curtains and upholstery in homes and offices
We offer full Persian Rug cleaning service and also rug repair services

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Immaculate Persian Rug Cleaning

Immaculate Cleaning are specialists in high quality cleaning of all carpets, curtains and upholstery in homes and offices throughout the Greater Johannesburg area.  We offer:

•         Carpet cleaning
•         Curtain cleaning
•         Upholstery cleaning
•         Loose carpets and Persian rug cleaning
•         Stain protection treatment
•         Flame retardant treatment
•         Anti-static treatment
•         Moth protection treatment
•         Pre shrinking of fabrics before make up
•         Carpet repairs and edging

Immaculate Cleaning’s Persian Rug Cleaning Service

We offer a full Persian Rug cleaning service where we collect your Persian Rugs and take them to our factory for expert cleaning.  When cleaning is complete your Persian Rugs are returned and re-laid at your house or office.  

Our Persian Rug cleaning service is designed to achieve the best possible result through a tried and trusted process.  We take great care of your precious Persian Rugs as though they are our own.